International Membership 

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International Membership

AUD$160.00 (GST exempt) per calendar year.

Pro-rata rates for membership are offered for NEW membership applications received between the 1st October to 31st December.

International Membership
  • ANZAP Council Application review & approval

International Membership may be granted to persons residing outside Australia and New Zealand who would otherwise satisfy the requirements for Full Membership:

  • Has completed a course, of which the Council approves, comprising three or more full time academic years of advanced education (or some equivalent period approved by the Council) leading to a higher qualification in Periodontics approved by Council.


  • Has completed a course and gained a qualification in Periodontics, provided that:
  • the applicant can demonstrate to the Council that he or she has advanced in clinical expertise to a level equivalent to that of a graduate of a three year full time course approved by the Council; and
  • such clinical expertise above must be verified by a statement from an authority which is acceptable to a panel of three (by a majority decision) Members appointed by the Council to consider such applications.


Has been:

  • a full member in good standing of a comparable overseas Periodontal Society; and
    the Council is satisfied as to the applicant’s clinical expertise.


  • Is a registered dentist who:
  • is in the exclusive practice of Periodontics; and 
  •  has completed at least ten continuous years of exclusive practice in Periodontics prior to the adoption of the Rules.


  • Was a Provisional Member of the Academy at the time when the former clause 4.3 (Provisional Membership) was removed by the adoption of the Rules.

Full Membership shall, subject to the Rules, cease upon that Member failing to remain in the exclusive practice of Periodontics and implant dentistry. Nothing contained in this clause 4.3.1 shall prevent the Council from re-admitting any previous Full Member who re-applies for Membership.

 International Members shall be entitled to:

  •  attend all meetings of the Academy;
  •  take part in all discussions at such meetings; and
  •  contribute, scientific, clinical, or other relevant information to any meeting of the Academy.

 International Members shall not be:

  •  entitled to vote in the conduct of the affairs of the Academy or at any General Meeting;
  •  eligible for election to the Council; nor
  •  eligible to serve on committees.