Life Membership (Nominated and Member Vote)
  • The Council may nominate any appropriate person for Life Membership and shall submit such nominations to the next General Meeting. A simple majority of the votes of Members at the General Meeting shall be sufficient to appoint a Life Member.
  •  Life Member may resign from Membership by giving written notice to the Secretary.
  •  An appointment of Life Membership shall not be revoked except by the resolution of three-quarters of the Members present at a General Meeting.

 Life Members shall:

  •  retain, during the continuance of their Membership, all rights and privileges attaching to their previous Membership classification (and will for the purposes of the Rules be deemed to also be a Member in that previous Membership classification); and
  •  be entitled to attend all meetings of the Academy and to vote at such meetings (and without limitation, may be eligible to vote as Full Members if previously in that Membership classification).