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Student Membership

Australia - $55.00 (GST inclusive) per calendar year.
New Zealand - $55.00 (GST exempt) per calendar year.

Student Membership


Student Membership may be granted to a registered Dentist who:

  • is enrolled in a graduate training programme in Periodontics at an institution approved by the Council; and
  • the applicant has provided to the Council’s satisfaction evidence of the person’s enrolment which shall include the signatures of:
    (a) two Full Members; and
    (b) the senior academic supervisor, or equivalent, at that institution.

Student Members shall be entitled to:

  • attend all meetings of the Academy;
  • take part in all discussions at such meetings; and
  • contribute scientific, clinical or other relevant information to any meeting of the Academy.

Student Members shall not be:

  •  entitled to vote in the conduct of the affairs of the Academy or at any General Meeting;
  •  eligible for election to the Council; nor
  •  eligible to serve on committees.